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Giulio Pereno
Giulio Pereno
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Giulio Pereno was born in Venice in 1996. Grown up in the important cultural pole of visual arts and in a family of artisans - his parents were, at the time, owners of one of the excellent craft workshops where the masks associated with the famous carnival are produced - he directed his artistic interest in the field of images.

His artistic work ranges from painting to photography and then concentrates on cinematographic expression. After completing his classical studies, he moves to Berlin in 2015, where he writes the subject and plans the production of his first feature film, a docu-movie focusing on female solo travellers.

In search of female travellers to interview in order to complete the project and a personal experience of travelling alone, in the same year he embarks on a bicycle trip through France and Spain in the direction of Morocco, during which he sleeps in the streets with a tent. This way of travelling and the related artistic theme became a fundamental part of his artistic and life concept.

The production of 'Women who travel alone' than took place in Italy, with base in Turin, where Giulio Pereno meets Tommaso Massimiliano Alfì, in art Maria Virgin, a musician and music producer who will be the author of the soundtrack for this film and the following one. This encounter gives rise to a residential artistic experience destined to last over the years under the name of 'Povera', an artistic collective located at the Magazzini Docks Dora in Turin, currently one of the city's social and cultural hubs.

'Women who travel alone' will be released in 2019, participating in several festivals and winning the Noce d'oro for the best independent film at the BCT festival of Benevento in the same year.

In 2020, after several journeys and periods of work in natural settings, he began to dedicate himself to the production of his next film, 'Dormiamo insieme', which was completed in 2023 in collaboration with Olivia Paola Longoni. In this film they further develop the theme of the feminine and that of travel, conceived as a means of searching for an unfiltered relationship with nature, the ultimate refuge from the negativity of the urban world and the exploitation of the territory inevitably connected to it.

Donne che viaggiano sole (Women that travel alone), 75min, 2019.

Donne che viaggiano sole (Women that travel alone), 75min, 2019. (Movie)
Risvegli infedeli, 2020 (Photo book)
Les Animaux, 3’15’’min, May 2019. (Short film)
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