Donne che viaggiano sole - Giulio Pereno

Giulio Pereno
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WOMEN THAT TRAVEL ALONE (2019) - Italy, 75min

Written and Directed by Giulio Pereno
Original soundtrack by Tommaso Massimiliano Alfì
'SLEEPING CLOSE' (Film / 109' / ITA-FRA / 2023)
  • Winner Best Film at Verona International Film Festival '23
  • Martinique International Film Festival '24
  • Blow-up Chicago Arthouse FilmFest '24
  • Winner Best Photography and Editing at Chameleon Film Festival (Neaples, Ita)

'WOMEN THAT TRAVEL ALONE' or 'Donne Che Viaggiano Sole'  (Film / 75' / ITA-DE-FRA / 2019)
  • Winner Best Film at BCT Benevento Film Festival '19
  • Social World Film Festival '19 (Neaples, Italy)
  • Serbest Film Festival '23 (Moldavia)

'IGNAVI' - A tale from Sleeping Close  (Short / 5' / ITA / 2023)
  • Hacker Porn Film Festival '24 (Rome, Italy)
  • Athens International Art Film Festival '24
  • Dreamachine International Film Festival '23
  • Festival International de Cine La Picasa '24 (Argentina)

Winner Best Indipendent Film at Benevento Film Festival BCT (Italy)

Written, edited and directed by Giulio Pereno
with Dariya Trubina

Original musics: Alfì Tommaso Massimiliano
and with Giulia D’Albenzio

Producted in Italy and Germany. Filmed in Italy, Germany (Berlin), England (Brighton), France (Paris),
Belgium (Bruxelles).

And with:
Anastasija Zaiceva, (Cech Repubblic)
Angela Schmidt, (USA)
Arianna Americo, (Italy)
Chloe Yau, (China)
Claudia Caldara, (Italy)
Digne Glatzel, (Germany)
Edith van Innis, (Belgium)
Emilie Thezvenoz, (Schweiz)
Isabella del Gaudio, (Italy)
Kate Lerigoleur, (France)
Jenny Terenzi, (San Marino)
Johanna Seven, (Germany)
Lara Bloch, (Irland)
Mariarosa Tasca, (Italy)
Miss Soli Tii, (UK)
Sya, (France)
Sophie Power, (Galles)


Opening song from Paolo Gangeri
Song “Pane” written by Rares Gabriel Cirlan, played by Giulia D’Albenzio

Marta Monteverde, Gaia Campesato – filmed by Giulio Pereno, Gaia Campesato

Train short clip: written by Gaia Campesato, created by Giulio Pereno

Cinematography: Jalal Albess
2nd Cinematography: Moreno Elia Hebling, Giulio Pereno, Claudio Pereno (final scene)

Sound design: Alfì Tommaso Massimiliano

Sound editing: Alfì – Pereno

Director Assistent: Gaia Campesato

Producted by Giulio Pereno – Barnaba Scalabrin

Title: Donne che viaggiano sole

English version: Women that travel alone

Language: Italian

Year: 2019

Size: 2:1, 16:9
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